How long are the tours?

Our Shot Mangrove Trip lasts one and a half hours return while our Long Mangrove Trip is about 3 hrs and is a one way paddle.  Our trip to the Turtle Estuary, takes about 2.5hrs and is a round trip paddle.

What goes into making a good kayak trip?

No matter how spectacular the scenery, your trip is only as good as your guide, and the equipment you use, and that’s where Black Sand Kayaks excels.  We love to kayak and are here to help you have fun kayaking.  You’ll have fun because our guides have fun.  Thats why our sit-on-top kayaks offer superior backrest comfort, great tracking speed and easy maneuverability  Beginner and experienced paddlers alike will have a safe and fun trip exploring the waters of El Paredon in style an comfort.

Is kayaking safe for people with no experience? How difficult is it?

Sea kayaking is absolutely a safe sport. Our single and tandem kayaks are super-stable, so you won’t get a “tipsy” feeling once you’re floating. Your guide will provide a paddling lesson before your trip begins, and while you won’t become an expert in one outing, you’ll be surprised how easy and comfortable it is to paddle kayaks in El Paredon.  Our longest trip is the Long Mangrove Trip with a total of 9.5km paddle from start to finish, so make sure you bring your paddle power

What should I bring / wear on my tour?

The weather  doesn’t vary much in El Paredon, its usually pretty hot and sunny so bring plenty of sunscreen and water, a long sleeve shirt if you burn easy, swimsuit, hat, sunglasses and sandals for walking on the hot black sand.  We offer the use of dry bags for your camera or other belongings you wish to remain dry.

How far in advance do I need to book my tour?

We recommend at least 1-2 weeks prior to the date you’d like to kayak.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a 24 hour notice of cancellation or change in group number, otherwise you are responsible for the full cost of your reservation.

What type of kayak are used on tours?

We use sit on top singles and tandem kayaks that due to their construction wont sink or fill with water offering a safer user friendly kayak for all skill levels.

Will I see wildlife?

There is always wildlife sightings on our tours.  Keep your eye out for ospreys, pelicans, herons, ibises, kingfishers, sea otters, black sea turtles,  and saltwater fish like snook and snapper.

Why would a tour be cancelled?

We cancel tours if it is thundering and lightening,  or its flooding.

Do you kayak in the rain?

We kayak rain or shine.

Is there a remote chance there will be mosquitoes on my trip?